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IT'S ON 01:56
Its On I spits that fire and the reason you cant see me cause you gotta reach higher, a golden shower, Im freaky than a mf, pussy I devour, the final hour, so Im going all in, I got the power, bitch I am flower pushing thru concrete, making you believe in me, Shunda K got untouchable flows and I get it the mud so I grow, roll up lets smoke and tune the dial to my mf microphone, another club banger, I told you its on, here we go Its on, Im grown, I prove, I show, Shunda K pecan tan glow, baby tell me what you wanna know, say the word we leave this bitch and go, she grinding on me real slow, DJ turn up the song, she drop that ass to the flo, now she make me want mo, good green I blow, I dont choke, I see you hater looking from the door, what you gone do, you better stay true, run up on these hands, I got a sucka punch for you, Shunda K heavy weight, middle weight, all that shit, too legit, I don't quit, hammer time, droppin rhymes, get down, Koax the Droid on the mf sound, we sippin on our third round, so lets make a toast, while the speakers pound, boom, boom, boom, we got em feeling the groove, hey, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, making all they bodies move, hey, boom, boom, boom, boom, baby get closer cause Im feeling you, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, electronic music truth Its on, turn up my mf microphone, drop the beat
We will rock, we will rock you The world's in pain, who can we blame, its such a shame, looking forward to brighter days, Great Mother please, listen to me, this is a plea, in you is who I believe A brand new day, to have your way, do what you say, and with your life don't play... I'm ah do what I got to do for me
They keep looking but they can't see us, they keep looking but they can't see us Invincible on the mic and I'm right in your face, ain't no conquering me, everybody know they place, nice to meet you, I'm Shunda K, I'm running thangs, its what I do, I'm the best, KoaxDroid remix, on my electronic shit, every genre I can spit, it don't matter, this music getting flipped and brought to you by none other than the mother that I am, I birth a boy, they grow to men, now you understand I Am, I don't do back and forth, its what I say, ask my friends, I can be sweet, but its business, don't take it personal, for your feelings write em down in journal, I'm not a counselor really, lets keep it straight, nothing silly, I'm in the NOLA now, the weather chilly, this a cold world, that's why I move the way I move, I'm having twins, a boy and girl, asexual, black woman god so I don't wrestle with flesh, this spiritual, black magic woman, this a ritual, Carlos Santa, Shunda K rock the mic, I stay killin em, and the speakers I bam, make you feel em, from Florida to Venezuela, make sure you keep the rhythm, super producer, the beats he stay flippin em, I'm a magician and so my words I make you live em, and you can mark em and you can seal em, Shunda K Grande, I'm the best to eva came, my nigga!!!
This beat is fiah, my nigga, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, Shunda K Grande Dame done returned, what the fuck you gone do, I'm ah show and prove, my brown ass, I want the credit fuck them mf bags, boss moves, I'm ah king, I don't resonate with queen, box Chevy not a jag, my baby got them pretty brown eyes, you know I see you, baby come here, sexy ass rocking see thru, I'm beat you, just playing, girl I need you, to make that ass do what it do, so go low, go low, she sat that fat ass ass on the flo, shit, I proceeded, let me help you up, you look like you stuck, she said no Shunda K, I just like to play, and I wanna fuck, what, you in luck, me to, first lets dance, I put my hands up in her pants and pulled her close, that booty soft man, I'm doing the most, you wanna hit the blunt baby, don't choke, when I get cha to the house I'm ah poke, keep throwing that ass like that, grinding on me with her kat in my face, exhibitionist style now let me get a taste cause girl I can't wait and the dance floor our first date, baby let me see shake, let me see you shake, baby making my day, making my day, we going back to yours or my place, yes I feel you, relate, relax, release, and now there's peace... What we bout to do when we go back to your place baby, don't play... You already know wassup... When the last time you had some dick, cause I eat pussy baby... Fareal shit... Taking no chances with the pussy, but I wanna make it gushy, She bout to get fold up, she bout to get it Give me yo kitty, kitty, kitty, Shunda K get it spitty when I lick, so its slippery, when I put 3, 4, 5 fingers in it, she got up on all 4's, baby got that ass spinnin, in my mind I'm grinning, this only the beginning, lay down on your back, fingers in her ass and her pussy, I'm licking, this pussy skeeting so I know she like that, its called the shocker, Shunda K pussy rocka, make them panties dropah
ME AND YOU 02:58
Heyyy, we bout to turn up tonite, with Shunda K rip the mic, slam dunk, b-ball like Mike, that's right, Koax the Droid on the mix, this is international hit, I'm rocking in the NOLA, you popping down in South America, hood rich, I'm the shit, nobody does it better, my nigga its a pleasure, it can be whateva, I'm on another level, I'm seeking my treasure, favor unmeasured, let me check the ledger, double check it then, give it to my friend, Ill share with you, baby me and you, cause my love is true, what you wanna do, Ill change my life for you girl It can be me and you, girl my love is true, there's nothing I wouldn't do, Ill show and prove I got everything you need, Shunda K got cha, huhn, just breathe, let me brang you in my world, hold on girl, its gone be a wild mf ride, I told you in the beginning, we turning up tonite, baby slip and slide, I wanna take a dive, a Leo with my pride, so take it easy, not to let me down and leave me with a frown, if you say no I might act a clown I'll do whateva for you, twin flame, my Zoe, my woe, lets go, Shunda K, untouchable flow, I spit fiah, the Return of the Dragon, rise of the divine, feminine, 42 I'm at my prime, a dub and above, what I'm ah do with a dime, bitch I'm gone shine, Optimus Prime, TRANSFORMER, I love to see her in her mf leg warmers, ooh laa, laa mama, mama, Los quiero mucho, call me papa, but my name Shunda Kaaaay, lets make it do what it do all mf day, hey, hey, I got jones in my bones for you mama, promise Ill be good, no drama, good karma, I promise, Ill show and prove for you, girl you know its true


released June 6, 2022

All tracks produced by Koax The Droid

All tracks mixed by The Droc

All tracks mastered by Michael LaVaque


all rights reserved



Shunda K New Orleans, Louisiana

The voice of Yo! Majesty -- Shunda K -- is the leader of one of the fastest rising underground hip hop acts in the world -- Yo! Majesty

As a quick talking MC, spiritual songwriter, and ambitious entrepreneur, Shunda has managed to see her Tampa-based group through to international notoriety and a record deal with Domino Records in 2008, She's no over night sensation.
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