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Return of The Dragon / Rise of The Divine Feminine

by Shunda K

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Rap Shit 03:36
Man I remember when I first starting doing this music shit, you know what I'm saying, well I wrote my first song when I was like 14/15 and then I linked with these 2 niggas in Plant City, Pop & Jamal, we started spitting over the karaoke and shit recording hits, yea Pop wrote the hook for Yo! Majesty Club Action I put Yo! Majesty together in like 2000. I was Yo! Majesty as a solo artist and met Shon & Jwl, then we all became Yo! Majesty, we linked with Dav Alexander from Europe, he was working for Big Fat Studios in Tampa, someum like that, they was working on a song called CONSORTIUM, I'll never forget, it was nothing but niggas in that bitch so you know they looking at me like who the fuck this lil girl is, I was like 21/22 at the time, they showed ya girl no respect up in that bitch, I was in there all day waiting to lay my verse. They made my ass go last and when I got up in the booth though, I lit that bitch on fire, Dav was like what the fuck just happened, we chatted, I told him bout my group and the rest is Herstory See I'm Shunda K, I represents Tampa Bay back east to the Itty Bitty Plant City, Lakeland alright too, I fucks with chu, in a few seconds you bout to find out that I'm the only one on earth can do the shit I do shouts out to my DJ, he produced the track too, Trajik Majik listening to us done became habit, what they call it household name, bitch I got bars for days, ask Jwl B, she said K you barring on that shit, you killin em kid, Shunda K I isss, I'm the best to eva came Grande, I'm the most wanted cause so many niggas fronted too, so I'm takin the game, a muthafuckin change of plans, hey listen here boo, get that paperwork tight and the money right, contract law, my credit card black, break out the 6 pack, cause we bout to get it in tonite, the ladies real purty and the fellas wanna fight, I guess its date night, I'm from the streets too, bitch you better act right, this Hip Hop, what we do cant be stopped, Pop, lock, drip drop, this the candy shop, I know you wanna rock with me baby, Shunda K love the ladies, Return of the Matriarch lets have plenty babies and the way she shake it fast got me watching herself, baby girl I ain't nothing nice, for me her nigga she left, I beat it right, pussy popping all night, Shunda stay on track, I'm sucka for the love of honey, brown skin, my playboy bunny, tween the sheets I gotta running, keep her cummin back to back, sexy ass, now you wanna drive and shit, spread them legs, fiah ass head, I got the hands, I give her all that she can stand, bitch, I'm the shit, and I'm wealthy not rich, my well never runs dry, I look a nigga dead in his eyes, and keep my eyes on the prize cause I don't trust am, its been too many times I had to get ruff with em, so I just stay separated and stay in my place, ah empress dont roll with peasants anyway, get the fuck out my face!!!
Bring It 02:30
Bring it, I'm bringin it, heeyyyy Shunda K, it is my time, do what I say, everything will be fine, feel the beat, move that ass around, Tori Fixx, DJ Naughty Boyy sounds, wow I love a woman with style, now make proud, get down, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, I'm taking, taking, taking it, Shunda K on the mf mic, I get party turned up, mama so hott, she burning up and I'm feeling her, so I'm turning up, show out a lil bit, watch how I spit, you'on know nan' my nigga, unt unt, I am legend in this bitch Stay feeling myself, I vibrate high, its all about me, know why cause I earned it, cause I learned it, I puts in work, the way I spit make you yearn it, Shunda K dont play no games, YM GANG GANG, GMEQCA brand, now let me see you dance, gone man show out with cha bad self, baby work that thang til its nothing left, keep pep in my step, I'm slick with it, don't stop, get it, get it, did she really do what I thought she did, lil mama bout to get took back to the crib, on the real, I see you girl, come rock my world, shake that thang on me, what you get is what you see and please believe, I got what you need, from A to Zinc, from the dance flo to the mf sheets, that's T Fixx, he sick with beats, she wanna role play, so lets play you stay for ever, mama rockin the chains and white leather bdsm, shit Ill get a membership with you, stead of going to the mf gym girl
That Ass 03:46
Make that ass go round, make that ass go around like Put em, put em up Yes, the way she strut her stuff, I know she know how to fuck, I can tell baby tuff, a lil rough and she like to puff pressure, with my eyes I undress her, she looking back, Shunda K stack racks baby, can you match lady, well lets play then, we faded, its a dance party & that girl ain't playing, that ass is vibrating, a hundred miles an hour, get it, get it on the flo, girl you got the power cause its the final hour, Owwlll, baby do it, put that, put that, put that phat ass all into it, Shunda K approve it, 100 percentage, fuck a hater tell em that they got you bent, that you pay yo own rent, Ms. Independent, girl you got me tripping, what is you doing to me, the way ya body rocking, I'm in shock and want a private show, I want mo, so
Shout-out to all my strippers, where yall at Get that money baby and get paid, fuck what a pussy nigga gotta say, you pay ya own bills but he in ya face, so get it how you live cause its a new day, and let no amount make you sell ya soul change, black woman god, let that stimulate cha brain, and ya family always try to make you look insane, bitch don't slut shame, I'm on my goddess shit, Shunda K up in this bitch Gone girl, slide down that pole, make that bag of money grow, cause it answers all thangs, and you know you like them rings, you like to wear expensive weaves, she put them j's on them feet, that pedicure and nail game on fleek, girl you know yo ass can eat, and that ass speaks for this, thicka than a snicka, I might lick her if she get too close, she put her head in my lap, her legs on my shoulders, pussy all up in my face, baby bout to be a goner, Shunda K she make me want her, slick ass, now I'm a donor... Getting money all day and night, getting money is all that's on yo mind, so make that nigga pay and that bitch too, stop letting people use you and be free do you, you deserve to, and I'm here to let you know, I've been where you at, sold kat all that, it was hard for me to share that, but you good and I wish a nigga would
She changed my mind She changed my mind, she makes shine, Shunda K I'm at my prime, I ain't lying, what she does for me, baby help me be free, now I know what I believed, it wasn't easy for me to let go, my heart had become cold, And she fine, like wine, I asked her could she be mine, she said the mission come first and that its the most important, priorities first, so in short and I explained that I can balance them both, that I'm ah multitasker, we both blow smoke, I said baby, my love ain't no joke, from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul, we both know this world cold, so what better way to love each other, homey, friend and ya lover, girl I got you covered, I like to cuddle real close, snuggle, till we both doze, her touch, it got me froze, she already know what to do, I can tell that her love is true, we both been thru a lot, so we make a toast, with Courvoisier shots, on the rocks, we like each other, its getting hot, I'm in shock, she climb on top, I'm not gone stop, her bra I pop, unlock and drop, she put them titties in my mouth so I suck, and with 2 fingers in that pussy I fuck, she nut, I'm stuck it feel so good, I knew I wouldn't be able to get enough... Of you
Its you baby, the one I've been searching for since I've been born, twin flame we was torn apart The one that I desire, you set my body on fire, you make me tap into my higher self, ancestors rang the bell, baby, you came thru and broke the spell, my abundance and my wealth, you make it do what it do, we number 1 just us two The perfect 8, infinity we make, every day that we create, never stagnant, self preservation take a break, hop up here, lay down on my plate, its been a while since I ate, no carne, only your sweetness that Ill like to taste, umm, ya dish wins first place, hmm, the way you saturate my taste buds, I love it when you try to run and how you throw that thang back, damn baby you know just how to excite... and best believe I'm ah give you every single thing you need, ME You wouldn't want for a thang, I'd give you everything, sweet love I bring, I bought the ring
I Am The One 03:08
Here I go, here I am, I am the one that you been waiting for for so long I had to reemerge at the right time, I couldn't come before and I cant come after, Shunda K right on time, the final chapter, Return of the Matriarch, Return of the Dragon, spittin bars is my passion, the whole truth I dish it out in rations, so you feel me, this ain't no blue and red pill bullshit, I'm in deeper than the streets, inner earth for your inner ear, I'm talking outside this realm, kill em with the pad and the pen Life comes thru womb not a rib, nigga where the fuck you been, man get real, I'm hop scotching on these haters, X woman, oogenesis, I was a giant in the beginning, Amazonian, microphone check 1, 2, Shunda K a new thang in the earth, you'on know me so dont perp, actin like you doo, ewwe, and since I'm wild and free, best believe every single day, I'm gone do me, please... Take 3, Shunda K spit fiah when I breath, that's what carbon is, I'm on my global warming shit, black woman god my nigga we live, brown skin, I'm getting hotter, so I sweat gold, my shit hot, and I'm cold, that's raw, that's why they pissed off, but who cares, I steam roll over snares and I break the beat, there's none alive today you can compare me, so don't try, I'm talking eye for eye, old school... I'm a league of own, I rock the muthafuckin microphone, hot lava spit straight from the dome, DAT GIRL back and its so onnn, I came in this world alone, Im coming for the music throne, every genre cause I do it all, Shunda K gone stand tall, its real, Sindel break the beat, we coming live from Belize...
Someum gotta change, thangs cant keep going the way they been going, you know what I'm saying, straight up All my life, I was raised to believe that I'll die for my sins, reality is I got freewill just like you and karma come when she want to, so I must pursue the good & release bad, I seek Mary Jane for my head, yes that green machine, nigga fuck the bling, quick I pull out my muthafuckin sleeping bag, and pitch my tent, forget the rent, I live off grid with my wife and kids, now that's some real shit, Shunda K I brang you the business, rock the mic, I stays on the hit list, DJ Daze keep brangin the mixes, me and CherryPi we brang in the riches, we manifest what we want, let go, to us this world belong I stepped out the shower and thought to myself one day, someum got to change, I knew shit didn't add up, so I went on this journey to find my way, I just wanna know the truth about everything, but there was noone to explain to me, and til this day, taking charge of my life was the best thing I ever did And speaking of my kids I should have said property cause when the mama sign the birth certificate, its like you hit the lottery, you ain't know, the US corp cold with it, they trading our ass, they skinnin and ya dumb ass worried bout a Bentley, bitch god sent me, cause ya sleep and the worse thang for me to see, a grown man bowed down on his knees, I'm god, life come thru the womb not a rib, no charge, feminine, everything that exist I give it, mitochondria cause of it, you living, we all are, mother earth, no pa, can you relate, I'm so sorry, you so bothered, I'm ah show stoppa, the shows we rock em, me and my mutha fucking dj we from Florida, Tampa Bay, Itty Bitty Plant City, Shunda K, I've been rockin it for like 20, my nigga I'm at vet in the game this shit ain't change, you niggas still lame, I bring the pain, and still show ya show ass love, if you ain't apart of the click now, trust bitch I rise above, straight up, og shit, I roll solo, fuck a click, track record, legit, you aint never heard another one who spit flame & stimulate ya brain, I'm on my Twista shit man, like I'm from the Chi, and don't let me go there, cause the popo killing niggas claiming its a gang affair, niggas ain't got precision like that on all them drivebys, bitch I'm woke, tell me I lied, and then the FBI contacted me, they asked if I planned to take down USA LLC
Get You Free 03:36
Yea, in this world we've been taught to sacrifice ourselves for the next man in order to obtain heaven, well let me tell you, that's all a bag of lies, my name Shunda K and I come to set the record straight, this earth is given into the hands of the wicked, but indeed the wealth of the unjust is laid up for the just, and I'm just here for my portion, unt Get you free, cause ain't nobody coming back to save you, Get you free, you see what mama them went through, hey, Get you free, come and let me tell you some real shit Get you free, sin does not exist, no need to repent So get up off your knees and just do better, you'll get back what you give of, ahab, I'm talking bout real love and in the midst of trials and tribulations, you know a muthafucka gone stay hatin, but you just keep making your life great, its good and bad decisions, no such thing as mistakes, self pity either, I'm a happy person, bring back the beat, only positive things I will speak and that means rearranging my life, I've been through too much strife to die for anybody, so Ill take charge of it and I'm ah go hard for me, everything I've seen, oh its meant to be, I'm destiny and she's fulfilled, AhSha my Maker, Shunda K too real, I'm not here for a deal, but the whole truth, to rock the mic, to rip every track, come get you free You've given all of yourself, now you have nothing left, when will you learn you come first, or you'll continue to hurt, it's ok to say no, it shows how much you've grown, cause nobody coming to save you, that's something you must do, its time to show and prove, remember what you've been thru, don't let nobody stop you, from making your dreams come true, you better love yourself, you better love you
We come to change the world We come to change the world, Isaiah 11 and 2, Jesse's root, aka King David The Psalmist Pachacuti Inca, Mayan, Aztec older than Sphinx, American, I'm from the old world, thee Atlantis, didn't we expand this AMARU, AhSha the Great Mother, worship in spirit and truth Shunda K spit fire on the mic cause I'm Jeremiah, so the word shut up in my bones, I was raised Pentecostal, I'm shouting its revival, midnight watch hour, sackcloth and ashes, healing comes thru fasting, all food poison, everything alive, thou shall not kill Shunda K too real, its my time again, sign the deal AhSha's the Mother, She's the Great Mother, She has returned...
Love is the highest vibration, conscious thinking, unconditional Love, power, light, fire The final hour, Ill take my place, I'm not a coward, Ill win the race, I got the power, to light my fire, no one can save me, no one can save you, one plus one is two, I do me, do you, together we become new, its written for us to take your power back Its time to take your power back, do what you want to do, the choice is up to you, its up to you Gotta let my light shine, fire flaming to the sky, suicide no longer on my mind, I wanted to die, but I can't, I'm immortal, Shunda K has opened the portal, life and more abundance, for the whole wide world, I'm loving it, drying the tears on the faces of the little ones, looking out or the elders, taking care of the poor, love covers all faults give me more, I'm pure, I've endured, I earned it, I yearned, I learned self preservation is the first law, know it yall, set healthy boundaries, balance everything, remember the dreams you had as kids, heal your inner child, be free and be wild, love don't hurt, love don't kill, love is real, I love you, feel me, remember what you always wanted to be and be that, cause I am that, Shunda K Grande Dame, I rocks the mic, secured the fame, and ever bar I spit is flames, love, power, light, fire
Let cho light shine, and free your mind, its up to you to choose, what will it be, you either win or you lose I put myself first, no matter who it hurts, they will always more, haven't you learned, gotta do what's best for me every time, stay energized, gonna let my shine, taking charge of my life, in this world, you either win or you lose So what its gone be, we cant die for one another, get cha mind right and pull ya self together, life is what you make it, its gone get better, I promise, are you facing it or are you running, you cant hide from it, its gone be right there, as long as you have breath, so choose this day to have no mo fear to live and be free, do it for your muthafuckin self baby, take care of you first, stop being so lazy, self preservation, do for you what you do for others, its manifesting time, I reunited with my mother, I wrote songs about it, 4 years later, I tried again, my aunt Maurice she took me by her crib, slowly but surely we starting spending time again, now we texting everyday, can you imagine the smile on my face, its time to heal broken relationships with the mother and child, if it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be alive, so humble yourself, I'm only telling you right, lets master this life, we at the end of the plight, 2020 it didn't do us right, so step out the old and into the new, we all been thru and just know there will be no mo excuse
I'm walking in my calling, Im walking In my calling, many are, but few are chosen, this road can be the loneliest some times, but yet and still I rise, Shunda K, my life's the prize, I learned to congratulate others and never despise, what's for me is for me, I strive to be the best at every single thing I do, from getting money to how I treat you, cause karma's real and she's our judge, by the laws of nature this world is run, our thoughts create our reality so make it fun, be free and do what you want, make sure your intentions on point, you want better, then do better, I want it all, but not to ball, I look forward to the fall of this system, the people are imprisoned, I'm not really sure if you're listening, the whole truth is what we been missing, so I plan to fill in the blanks, its time to pay, to the powers that be, your time is up, AhSha sent me, this wicked kingdom must cease
We will rock, we will rock you The world's in pain, who can we blame, its such a shame, looking forward to brighter days, Great Mother please, listen to me, this is a plea, in you is who I believe A brand new day, to have your way, do what you say, and with your life don't play... I'm ah do what I got to do for me
I give you praise, for all my days, show me you way, I'm holding space, for these your people, Great Mother we need you, we've all been lied to, show us your face, show us your ways, Ill take my place, to lead with grace, Ill take my place, show us your ways, its a brand new day...
We are here to reclaim our throne, Return of the Dragon, Return of the Matriarch, PRESSURE!!! Them mfs better, HAARP sends bad weather, Shunda K, earthquake, get to the middle of the states, it'll be the safest place, don't be late, Egypt, Texas, box Chevy, never been a fan of Lexus, this message heavy, pay tention, let me mention, I'm the best to eva came, that's why my name Shunda K, Grande Dame, I'm a king, not a queen, I know what that mf shit mean, I ain't cursing myself no mo Shunda K, GMEQCA bout to blow, my numerology say just flow, ohh, I can take a breath for a minute, Tori Fixx on the track with Shunda K, we stay heavy hittin, since twenty eleven, that make 13, rise of the divine feminine, we all got mothers, some time its hard to love her, but she still our mother, the blood of mother, dear mama, I'm tired of the drama I just want to make a mends, please lets be friends, mambo say I got more healing to go, the more I write, the more I wanna flow, just let go, but the blood tie strong, we both grown, face to face or over the phone, expressing myself, my pain in the lyrics of a song, I just wanna know what I did wrong, I only thought of a few things, but please mama, tell me what I did, I was just a kid when this shit started, you knew and you ain't try to stop it, but I forgive you, forgive you too, its all love, I came from you, I left her, I left his ass too, this religion shit got me confused, I just want a wife, some kids, the proper term is children sis, I know, I'm on them definitions, etymology and all, my nigga Babylon bout the fall and I'm talking more then the corporation, HAARP and depopulation, Agenda 21 in twenty twenty-two, AhSha say we got 3 and a half years to prepare, that's 2025 and to the beat Shunda K gone ride, T Fixx on the snare, bald head with the loc ponytail, Asiatic, I'm coming so hard I'm bringing static, a prophet in my time, I got it, I know what my purpose is, they say Shunda K too real, I resurrected to tell it like it is, ancestors say don't hold back, I'm the daughter of Ma'at, AhShay, She said AhSha, She dwell in the the thick dark, Return of the Matriarch, Return of the Dragon, I'm the best I'm the best, so I stay bragging cause self love is wassup, and when you know who you is, who can tell you that you ain't, WHO, think I ain't, you know I am, baby I'm her and him, 360 complete, leave you without speech, maybe even teach, I'm good with my words and my tongue is my strength, so I watch what I say and what I eat off my plate, let Shunda K take you on date and watch what I say with your own eyes, I got the gift of gab, we took her ride back to her pad, I ain't trying to put chall in my business, but we handled business, so I showed her better than I could tell her, she said the others were just pretending
They cant see me, they cant see me, they cant see me, they can't seeee me... Shunda K, Itty Bitty Plant City, where the girls is pretty, I represent my hood, I been in this thang a long time, my reality, I'm creating mine, what's it to you, you need to worry bout yourself, why you pointing at me, 3 pointing back at you, says Ogun, he telling truth, I'm rolling with a NOLA crew from Louisiana, black card, Shunda K brang the hammer What's for me is for me, what's for you is too, the word says my enemies will be my footstool, so I declare it and I share it, this earth I will inherit, its apparent you know it to, your actions and the things you do, you bow to me in secret, ok I get it, bitch I'm god, there I said it, I'm the best to eva came, Shunda K Grande Dame, I bring the pain, don't play no games, don't live in shame, I'm wild and free, being the best that I can be, in this jungle, they say them mushrooms fungal, me, her, I a royal rumble, I wont fumble eva, Shunda K a brand new level, who does it betta
They keep looking but they can't see us, they keep looking but they can't see us Invincible on the mic and I'm right in your face, ain't no conquering me, everybody know they place, nice to meet you, I'm Shunda K, I'm running thangs, its what I do, I'm the best, KoaxDroid remix, on my electronic shit, every genre I can spit, it don't matter, this music getting flipped and brought to you by none other than the mother that I am, I birth a boy, they grow to men, now you understand I Am, I don't do back and forth, its what I say, ask my friends, I can be sweet, but its business, don't take it personal, for your feelings write em down in journal, I'm not a counselor really, lets keep it straight, nothing silly, I'm in the NOLA now, the weather chilly, this a cold world, that's why I move the way I move, I'm having twins, a boy and girl, asexual, black woman god so I don't wrestle with flesh, this spiritual, black magic woman, this a ritual, Carlos Santa, Shunda K rock the mic, I stay killin em, and the speakers I bam, make you feel em, from Florida to Venezuela, make sure you keep the rhythm, super producer, the beats he stay flippin em, I'm a magician and so my words I make you live em, and you can mark em and you can seal em, Shunda K Grande, I'm the best to eva came, my nigga!!!
Me And You 02:58
Heyyy, we bout to turn up tonite, with Shunda K rip the mic, slam dunk, b-ball like Mike, that's right, Koax the Droid on the mix, this is international hit, I'm rocking in the NOLA, you popping down in South America, hood rich, I'm the shit, nobody does it better, my nigga its a pleasure, it can be whateva, I'm on another level, I'm seeking my treasure, favor unmeasured, let me check the ledger, double check it then, give it to my friend, Ill share with you, baby me and you, cause my love is true, what you wanna do, Ill change my life for you girl It can be me and you, girl my love is true, there's nothing I wouldn't do, Ill show and prove I got everything you need, Shunda K got cha, huhn, just breathe, let me brang you in my world, hold on girl, its gone be a wild mf ride, I told you in the beginning, we turning up tonite, baby slip and slide, I wanna take a dive, a Leo with my pride, so take it easy, not to let me down and leave me with a frown, if you say no I might act a clown I'll do whateva for you, twin flame, my Zoe, my woe, lets go, Shunda K, untouchable flow, I spit fiah, the Return of the Dragon, rise of the divine, feminine, 42 I'm at my prime, a dub and above, what I'm ah do with a dime, bitch I'm gone shine, Optimus Prime, TRANSFORMER, I love to see her in her mf leg warmers, ooh laa, laa mama, mama, Los quiero mucho, call me papa, but my name Shunda Kaaaay, lets make it do what it do all mf day, hey, hey, I got jones in my bones for you mama, promise Ill be good, no drama, good karma, I promise, Ill show and prove for you, girl you know its true
This beat is fiah, my nigga, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, Shunda K Grande Dame done returned, what the fuck you gone do, I'm ah show and prove, my brown ass, I want the credit fuck them mf bags, boss moves, I'm ah king, I don't resonate with queen, box Chevy not a jag, my baby got them pretty brown eyes, you know I see you, baby come here, sexy ass rocking see thru, I'm beat you, just playing, girl I need you, to make that ass do what it do, so go low, go low, she sat that fat ass ass on the flo, shit, I proceeded, let me help you up, you look like you stuck, she said no Shunda K, I just like to play, and I wanna fuck, what, you in luck, me to, first lets dance, I put my hands up in her pants and pulled her close, that booty soft man, I'm doing the most, you wanna hit the blunt baby, don't choke, when I get cha to the house I'm ah poke, keep throwing that ass like that, grinding on me with her kat in my face, exhibitionist style now let me get a taste cause girl I can't wait and the dance floor our first date, baby let me see shake, let me see you shake, baby making my day, making my day, we going back to yours or my place, yes I feel you, relate, relax, release, and now there's peace... What we bout to do when we go back to your place baby, don't play... You already know wassup... When the last time you had some dick, cause I eat pussy baby... Fareal shit... Taking no chances with the pussy, but I wanna make it gushy, She bout to get fold up, she bout to get it Give me yo kitty, kitty, kitty, Shunda K get it spitty when I lick, so its slippery, when I put 3, 4, 5 fingers in it, she got up on all 4's, baby got that ass spinnin, in my mind I'm grinning, this only the beginning, lay down on your back, fingers in her ass and her pussy, I'm licking, this pussy skeeting so I know she like that, its called the shocker, Shunda K pussy rocka, make them panties dropah
SHINE 03:10
Wind, grind, shine, she's mine, Wind, grind, shine, its time Shunda K rise the divine, baby know she know she fine, its time for me to make the first move, so I step to her, Shunda K dreams comes true, that's what I tell myself, I know my health straight, secured the wealth and abundance, but I know she wants more, I'm talking more than hundreds, oh la, its the final score, this the encore, she's so pure, I adore, mi amor we at the front door All my life, I dreamt about this day, it wasn't easy mfs hate, they told me I was crazy, baby I love the same sex, can you dig that girl, I know you'd never imaged being in love with a woman, facts, your brain you rack, don't do that, Ill give you what you need, baby I will please you, Shunda K makes it do what it do, baby my love's for you and only you, Ill show and prove, I make boss moves, Ill wanna share my life with you,
Don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me go Girl, don't let me go baby, girl, don't let me go girl In the middle of the day, making love to you baby, your warm embrace, your taste my sweet lady, show me your grace, body to body, she bout it she rowdy, hair pulling, she biting, get on top, now she riding (Shunda K I can breathe under water how exciting) how you like it baby, you can get it all ways, any position that you like I leave you dazed, my loving leave yo sexy ass so amazed, and by the end of the night, she giving praise, I got both legs up in the air, raised, I make that pussy come back to back ok, and when I give it, she can it night and day, and when I lick it, I put my tongue in it, play with it girl, girl I'm wit cha girl, I'm ah get cha girl, its my mission girl, to make you mine forever, I wanna kiss you girl, it can be whateva, she ripping off the leather, no keep on the heels, I got that reach, come here let me let you feel, see, you like it don't cha, see I make you wanna, be the one I'm wit, a relationship
I Am 01:40
I am the one, and for me, you are the one baby, yes we are You brought life into my life, for you Ill make the sacrifice to face myself, the demons I was carrying, both outside and within, it was sin, how could I not love me, when I'm being the best that I can be, I hate myself, but I love me some me, or do I really, all the shit I put up with is silly from others, focus on you Shunda Life can be so harsh, when you feeling all alone, a fresh start, it was needed for my soul, I had grown cold, I don't care no mo, just leave me lone, I'm not picking up no phone, I'm writing songs of what I want, abundant love and wealth, what I desire, my phoenix, fire,
Self, I love myself, I love myself, I make a vow to love myself Self preservation is the first law, self love is greatest, to yourself give it all, continue to stand tall & hold down your square, by the end of the race, you'll make it there, encourage yourself, David did, Shunda K gone spit, I'm ah king, divine feminine, the blood of my mother, my blood for my kids, enlightenment, the Great Mother's gift, the fruit of the womb is Her reward, shouts out to all the mother's, this a good report, you doing an amazing job, follow heart cause its your time, seek the divine, you're at your prime, we spiritual beings first, forgive yourself of the hurt and all those trespassed against you, its healing time, true, do what's best for you and let go of negativity, your land, nativity, positivity, lady liberty, remember who you are, return of the dragon, fire, spark, Shunda K take hold of the mic, go hard And at the end of the day... You've taken all you can take, you made mistakes, bad decisions baby, its time to pray and remember faith without works is vain, love yourself mahn, put you first, your life you claim
One Time 03:24
One time for the party, two times for the beat, Shunda K on the muthafuckin mic making sure you move your feet, I'm making sure you move your feet, I'm making sure you move your feet, I'm making sure you move your feet, two times for the muthafuckin beat... I'm making sure you move your feet, I'm making sure you bring the heat, I'm making sure you feeling me, Shunda K on the muthafuckin beat, Shunda K on the muthafuckin beat BARRINNNNNN Its a vibe, shake that ass, shake it fast, shake it slow, touch your nose Pinocchio, the front of his pants begin to grow, baby girl put on a show, work it baby, let us know, I want some too what you gone do, menajahtwa between us two, show and prove, the way she move, I wanna screw, just me and you, what you say, sweet lady, he can't do what I can do, I'm the best, I thought you knew, Ill cherish you, we can do what you want to, you take the top, Ill take the bottom, get the bottle, full throttle, hit the blunt, its 2:30 what's for lunch, we been fucking all night, into the day, vegan life on my plate, Shunda K what you say, when I'm on the mic I preach, real shit, nothing but the truth I spit, this another hiiitttttt
Question everything The mic I flow on, Shunda K been grown, goods seeds is what I sow, bumpin in the muthafuckin studio, good green is what I blow, ya girl don't choke, I'm on a roll, my life I took control, a bitch got me fucked up, they think I don't know, what's going on, MAMA tell me everything, discernment on, yes I know, they say the Queen dead, they been playing it off, this world ain't close to we all thought or we been taught, you better wake up, they trying to knock our ass off, Shunda K blood raw & self preservation is the first law, stop sacrificing yourself, knock it off cause you come first, your ass gone learn, to look within, and be your own friend, love yourself, this ain't the end, and with your foes, make a mends, love covers all faults, there is no lose, perception is everything, get your mind right, only positive vibes kid, speak life into your situations, no more hating, no more debating, you know for a fact, there is no lack, mind control no more, let it all go, attachments, its time to be strong, its ok if you wrong, get back on track, you deserve the best, give it yourself, get chaself some help, do what you need to do to be you again, we all been thru some bad shit since we were kids, you not the only one, let your hair down a lil bit, lets have some fun today, mama cant save us, daddy cant either, do it for yourself, make yourself a believer cause you an achiever, live a life you'd be pleased of, first and foremost self love, do it for yourself, now that's wassup


released May 22, 2022

Mixed by The Droc

Mastered by Michael LaVaque

GMEQCA/Matriarch Records


all rights reserved



Shunda K New Orleans, Louisiana

The voice of Yo! Majesty -- Shunda K -- is the leader of one of the fastest rising underground hip hop acts in the world -- Yo! Majesty

As a quick talking MC, spiritual songwriter, and ambitious entrepreneur, Shunda has managed to see her Tampa-based group through to international notoriety and a record deal with Domino Records in 2008, She's no over night sensation.
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